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Kaitlyn Gross, photographer, bookmaker, donut lover


Kaitlyn started as a multimedia artist. She would draw and paint images she felt compelled to create but the outcome would be unfulfilling. After discovering her mother’s camera she has only moved forward. She expresses thoughts, ideas, and emotions through her photographs and aims to evoke an emotional response in her viewers. As her passion for photography grew, so did her desire for more experience and knowledge. She was chosen to attend a trip with National Geographic to San Francisco and Barcelona. She traveled with fellow handpicked students and spent 12 or more days working side by side with National Geographic photographers learning the ins and outs of photojournalism, portraiture, travel photography and overcoming language barriers. She is currently attending school for photography and expanding her portfolio. Her current work focuses on mental health and stigmas surrounding mental illness, conservation and natural landscapes affected by the human footprint. Gross also prints, sequences, binds and sells hand-made art books.


Bachelors of Arts at Montana State University

Major in Photography

Minor in Sociology


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