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The human form has been the subject for artists since the beginning. The human form is a beautiful piece of work and it offers so many possibilities for different mediums and expressions of art. Each artist offers endless possibilities for expression, shape, commentary, and representation. Each body has their own story to tell as well as the artists vision. however, nude photography has become a cliche. Viewers are now viewing each body the same, a flesh covered skeleton, that is often if not always sexualized. My vision for this study was to remove as much sexual connotation from the image by avoiding full frontal nudity. I also made the frame tight on the subject as to give a more abstract representation so the that the way the body fits together becomes the subject instead of the nudity. This approach allows me to convey my message, that the body is a canvas for lines.


I used a 4x5 analog camera and scanned the digital negatives. I then printed each image digitally. This ensured the highest quality, along with the greatest control of the production.



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